Meet the Trainer

 KaRon Williams discovered his love for dogs at a very early age. Being raised around all variety of animals as a child . His love for training was discovered when he taught his Springer Spaniel to hunt with him at the age of 7.  As he grew older he continued to work with dogs plus further his education. He began to volunteer at animal shelters in high school. There he discovered a largely growing problem between dogs and owners, communication. He realized owners not being able to properly communicate with their dogs leads to behavioral problems and eventually to owners giving up their pets, Leaving a large number of pets homeless.
 KaRon set out to help solve this on going issue. He continued to volunteer while educating himself on obedience training techniques and behavioral problem resolution . He has trained with several of Houston’s top training facilities and received Certification from Continental kennel Club Training Academy.
  KaRon  never stops learning and exploring new techniques and methods to improve the pet owning experiences. The basis of his technique is positive reinforcement while conveying proper communication.
 KaRon has spent the last 15 years in the professional pet industry in Houston, TX and surrounding areas. His training techniques have proven to be very successful. staff includes KaRon accompanied by his wife Jennifer Bacon-Williams 2 beautiful kids and there 4 years old bulldog named Mushy. With the love of our family we will provide a safe confident environment for your companion.
 If you are having problems with your dog , have a new puppy, or just want to advance your communication with your dog. can help you. Please email KaRon at