Does my companion need Dog Training

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  1. Karon says:

    How to pick the best pet sitter for you companion?

  2. Karon says:

    Most common behavioral I have encountered is jumping. Why does my dog jump every time I greet him? Well lets think like a dog for a second. How do I get attention from my most loving friend in the world. I jump. She or he reacts and I get my attention. This situation happens consistently in families.

    So how can we communicate properly to the dogs to translate a calm behavior when they greet us. By not reacting excitable until the dog present the behavior we want. Like sitting .
    How do I use sitting?
    Well first thing your companion needs to know how to sit on command The you needs a stimulator( a treat) . Once you have that . Set the situation up and stimulate the sitting behavioral . Give your best friend all the attention he wants. Pets, make high pitch noises and give him that treat . Make sure he is still sitting. Repeat this as much as possible and eventually your companion will run full speed to you and sit with a over excited appearance . Boom, you jumping behavioral problems is solved. Now remember this is something that takes time and repetition . So do not expect results in and hour. This has to be a way of life. Thanks for reading …. comments welcome. This method does not fit all situation…but fits the theory on mind that Proper communications is the key… reconnecting the disconnected. Thanks again .

  3. Pennie says:

    We left our little Flash with Karon to be trained.. He was in dire need of training… a Jack Russell.. who knew these dogs were so busy? Flash was the only name for him. He was 8wks old, bitting and peeing and running crazy. After 2 weeks of training he is a new dog.. he waits for a command to go crazy but stops when you tell him to. He doesnt bite, He is going outside and coming back in without incident.. I didnt believe it was possible… Great Job

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